Pediatric Surgery Research

Dr. Mustafa Kabeer


Dr. Kabeer is dedicated to investigating new and innovative ways to treat patients. Over the last ten years, he has been engaged in the investigation of the use of autologous splenic lymphoctye reinfusion to augment vaccine efficacy against gram negative encapsulated organisms. He has a background in tumor cell vaccine and cytokine research and is interested in working with stem cells in order to grow small intestines. He is currently researching the use of Raman spectroscopy in the diagnosis of pediatric tumors and in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease. He has dedicated a great deal of time and effort toward researching surgical robotics. Dr. Kabeer performed the first robotic surgery at CHOC in 2003. Additionally, he performed the world’s first robotic pediatric lung resection and has performed many robotic tumor resections.



For more information, please contact:

CHOC Children’s Specialists Pediatric Surgery administrative office at 714-364-4050.