Neurodevelopmental Medicine

The CHOC Specialists Neurodevelopmental Medicine division is dedicated to bringing the latest
treatments and resources to the autism community in Orange County.
The Thompson Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center at CHOC provides a centralized location for our unique programs, giving children and their families one convenient place to receive early diagnosis, advanced therapy and the possibility to reach their true potential.
Our patient care teams include pediatric neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, developmental behavior pediatricians, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapists, child life specialists, social workers, nurses and more.

Leading-Edge Programs and Resources
  • The Thompson Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center at CHOC offers the following:
  • Assessment Program: Providing comprehensive assessments for children ages one through six
  • Behavior Program: Addressing challenging behaviors through evidence-based therapies and
    compassionate care, including toilet training and applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Co-Occurring Conditions Program: Providing care under one roof for children with ASD and a co-occurring condition, such as ADHD, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal issues, epilepsy or other similar issue
  • Research studies and clinical trials looking to transform the future of ASD, provide a better
    understanding of ASD and other neurodevelopmental differences and bring the newest findings
    to families in the region
  • Family support, including support groups for parents, grandparents and siblings; access to community programs and resources; transition into adult care, including education, work plans, college or secondary school; and legal consultations
  • Education assistance through the Families and Schools Together (FAST) at CHOC Program, in
    partnership with Chapman University; IEP coordination; and access to school system resources.
Thoughtfully Designed Facilities
The Thompson Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center at CHOC was designed with the unique needs of patients and families in mind. Design details that create a safe and comforting space for children and their care teams include: extra rooms for multiple specialist visits for each patient in one place; soft color themes; rounded corners and shapes; calming artwork; small alcoves for patient relaxation; a sensory- friendly calming room; and two large classrooms for family support programs, social skills programs, group therapy and occupational therapy.