Regionally recognized for patient care excellence, the CHOC Specialists Endocrinology team provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders at both CHOC and CHOC at Mission.

The CHOC Specialists Endocrinology team offers several innovative specialty programs and outpatient clinics designed to enhance quality of life for patients. The team provides medical or administrative directorship for the Endocrinology and Diabetes programs at CHOC.

Our services are complemented by the multidisciplinary care provided by other pediatric subspecialists, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, clinical dietitians, child psychologists and social workers at CHOC, the only solely dedicated pediatric hospital serving Orange County.

Comprehensive Education, Treatment, Research and Support for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

CHOC Specialists Endocrinology physicians direct the CHOC Diabetes Center, the first pediatric diabetes program in Southern California to be recognized for meeting and maintaining American Diabetes Association (ADA) standards of care guidelines.

Clinical programs offered through the Center include:

  • Outpatient treatment and education for new-onset and new-to-program diabetic patients
  • Comprehensive outpatient follow-up programs structured to ADA guidelines
  • Parent and patient support group services and educational programs provided by the PADRE Foundation
  • School, healthcare provider and community education
  • Insulin pump program
  • Treatment for children with Type I, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Specialty Programs for Endocrine Disorders:

  • Growth Disorders – including evaluation and treatment for children with Turner’s Syndrome and chronic renal failure, and hypopituitarism.
  • Weight Management – including specialized services for children and adults with Prader-Willie Syndrome.
  • General Endocrinology Clinic – for pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, gonadal and other hormonal disorders. Immediate evaluation and treatment is available for children with such urgent conditions as newly diagnosed congenital hypothyroidism and uncontrolled Graves’ Disease.

Access to the Latest Clinical Research

CHOC Specialists Endocrinology physicians participate in several areas of clinical research, providing patients with access to the newest medications and treatment. Through their efforts, the CHOC Diabetes Center has become one of the largest screening sites for the NIH-sponsored Diabetes Prevention TrialNet. Additionally, their pediatric growth and hormone research and treatment program is one of the largest in the state.