CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Physicians are available around-the-clock to provide the most sophisticated, lifesaving care for critically ill newborns and to attend high-risk deliveries at select Orange County facilities for high-risk deliveries. These board certified pediatric subspecialists are CCS-accredited providers for the region and serve as medical directors for the two primary neonatal centers in Orange County: the 54-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHOC, and the 16-bed NICU located within CHOC at Mission. For infant birth weight under 2¼ lbs (< 1,000 grams), our Small Baby Unit is staffed with specially trained nurses, respiratory therapists and other supporting staff. CHOC is a member of the Neonatal Centers of Excellence Network. The CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Division also directs neonatal programs at selected hospitals within the community.

More Than 35 Years of Experience in Neonatal Medicine

CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Physicians are experts in treating the full spectrum of newborn illnesses and conditions. Working in a team centered care environment, the NICU programs at CHOC and CHOC at Mission have become recognized for providing the following specialized services:

  • More than 25 years experience in providing extra corporeal membrane
    oxygenation (ECMO), heart lung bypass, for critically ill infants
  • State-of-the-art respiratory therapy services
  • National recognition for the use of immunotherapy and biotherapy to treat
    neonatal infections
  • Nitric oxide treatment
  • 24-hour transport team, the only one in the region equipped with a pediatric oscillator
  • Cutting-edge management, support and treatment of newborns with cardiac conditions

The CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatalology Division directs medical services provided for premature infants through the Early Development Assessment Center (EDAC). Assessment and treatment of apnea and other high-risk conditions is provided through regularly scheduled outpatient clinics at CHOC. CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Physicians coordinate all necessary follow-up outpatient care, including coordination with pediatricians and planning for at-home care. We provide family-centered care with family involvement in the care and decision-making a priority from admission to discharge.
CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Physicians strive to provide evidence-based quality care in our NICUs by our ongoing effort in the quality improvement arena. The declining rate of infection, increased use of breast milk and increased infant weight at the time of discharge, combined with a decreased length of hospital stay are evidence our ongoing efforts to improve quality.

Prenatal Counseling and Genetic Assessment : Comprehensive prenatal consultation, genetic assessment and advance treatment planning is provided for high-risk mothers. Having assisted in the development of NICU bioethics guidelines, CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Physicians are available to assist families in making well-informed ethical choices.

CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Physicians are in-house 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week at CHOC, CHOC at Mission and select hospitals in Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties and are available to attend high-risk deliveries.

Access to the Latest Clinical Research

The CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Division participates in multi-center studies to assess the potential efficacy of new treatments, giving patients access to the newest medications and the latest medical advancements. Recent studies have evaluated the use of G-CSF to treat neonatal sepsis, and the efficacy of nitric oxide to treat pulmonary vasodilitation and severe pulmonary hypertension.

Watch CBS News Videos Online. This video from CBS News explains the recent FDA approval of the new Cool Cap technology and how it’s use can help save the brain of a baby that suffered oxygen deprivation at birth. Dr. Emily Senay joins Hannah Storm to explain how it works. This technology is now available at CHOC Children’s and is used by the CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatology Division when indicated.

Participation in multi-center research studies allows CHOC Children’s Specialists Neonatologists to provide the most leading-edge therapies for treating a vast array of neonatal conditions.