Dr. Bassam Younes discusses GERD in the Neonate at NICU M&M Conference

This CME conference was designed to provide Neonatologists, Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, Obstetricians and NICU Nursing Staff with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills necessary to care for their neonate patients with symptoms of GERD. Attendees were given the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics with an expert physician through didactic lecture and a question and answer session.


Dr. Bassam Younes, PSF Gastroenterologist, provided instruction and education on GERD in the neonate.


By participating in this continuing medical education program, attendees are now able to:


– Understand the physiology of GER, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
– Discuss controversies regarding treating cardio-repiratory events as GER
– Consider practice changes based on the information presented
– Understand the cultural and ethnic dietary choices mothers that influence the manifestation of neonatal GERD


CHOCPSF congratulates Dr. Younes, organizers and attendees for a successful conference which provided important medical advice for newborns to professionals in our communities.