After many years of planning and collaboration, CHOC Children’s and the CHOC Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty have formed a new medical foundation, CHOC Children’s Specialists. The medical foundation is a model employed by California providers to work within the state’s corporate practice and medicine statute, while offering groups of specialty physicians the opportunity to become closely aligned with hospitals through a contracted relationship.
CHOC Children’s Specialists will enable CHOC to:

Under the authority of the CHOC Children’s Board of Directors, CHOC Children’s Specialists will operate as a division of the hospital. The CHOC Medical Staff remains open and inclusive. A Joint Governance Committee, with representation from foundation physicians and the hospital, will support the medical foundation in setting new standards in pediatric care – benefitting patients and families.

Philosophy of Care

The CHOC Children’s Specialists physicians are dedicated to providing the same superior level of care to our patients and families that we expect for our own children. Compassion, quality and dedication are core essentials of our practice and support the CHOC Children’s Specialists Vision as we aspire to provide the optimal environment for pediatric subspecialty care.     Read More