Dr. Leonard Sender


Expert, Innovative Care for Newborns, Children & Adolescents

Dr. Leonard Sender is the Division Chief of CHOC Children’s Specialists Oncology

The Oncology unit at CHOC is staffed with nurses specially trained to treat the complex conditions that accompany pediatric cancers. In addition, the 28-bed Hematology/Oncology unit and the 12-bed Oncology Intensive Care Unit (OICU) is the only dedicated pediatric program in Orange County. As part of the CHOC Cancer Institute, our program offers the latest in medical and surgical oncology including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and blood and marrow transplantation. The program brings together a full range of pediatric services and multidisciplinary care for our pediatric cancer patients and their families.
Internationally recognized for clinical excellence, CHOC Children’s Specialists Oncology physicians provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services and a full spectrum of treatment modalities for pediatric malignancies, including surgical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and blood and marrow transplantation. Their services are complemented by the multidisciplinary care provided by other pediatric subspecialists, nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation therapists, clinical dietitians, child psychologists and social workers at CHOC. Actively involved in clinical as well as translational research, these highly experienced, board certified pediatric oncologists provide patients with access to the latest, often break-through, treatments.
CHOC Children’s Specialists Oncology physicians are fully equipped with highly advanced technology available, including:
Internationally Recognized for Research
CHOC Children’s Specialists Oncology physicians serve as medical directors for the CCS-accredited inpatient and outpatient oncology program at CHOC, including The CHOC Cancer Institute. CHOC is an active member of the prestigious Children’s Oncology Group (COG), a National Cancer Institute-supported program offering patients access to state-of-the-art treatment through research.
By participating in clinical studies through COG and with pharmaceutical, biologic and device companies, CHOC Children’s Specialists Oncology physicians are able to provide patients with access to the latest therapeutic advances for cancer and for the side effects caused by cancer treatment.


Comprehensive Blood & Marrow Transplant Services
CHOC Children’s Specialists Oncology physicians direct the pediatric blood and marrow transplant program at CHOC, the only program of its kind serving Orange County children. This comprehensive program includes a stem-cell laboratory and umbilical cord blood bank.
Approved by the National Marrow Donor Program, services include pre- and post-transplant care for immune deficiency disorders, hematologic disorders, malignancies and genetic disorders. Transplantation is available using histocompatible, haploidentical and matched unrelated bone marrow and cord blood.
Working in Collaboration With Referring Physicians : Referring physicians are encouraged to participate in the treatment planning process and receive thorough update reports on a timely basis.


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Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology (JAYAO) breaks new ground as the first cancer journal dedicated to the adolescent and young adult-aged oncology population. JAYAO is the only central forum for peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and research in the field, bringing together all AYA oncology stakeholders and professionals across disciplines, including clinicians, researchers, psychosocial and supportive care providers, and pediatric and adult cancer institutions.


There are approximately 70,000 people aged 15-39 diagnosed with cancer every year. For over two decades the rate of progress to improve survival for adolescent and young adult cancer patients has plateaued. SeventyK is fighting to change that.


International Charter of Rights for Young People with Cancer
The needs of young people with cancer differ from those of children and older people. They contract some of the most aggressive cancers, which can be made worse by their growth spurts. Furthermore, they are often misdiagnosed – decreasing their chances of survival, and excluding them from clinical trials. Our campaign is calling on the international community to recognise, act, and improve cancer care for young people. By supporting the International Charter of Rights for Young People with Cancer, you can help improve the lives and survival rates of young people with cancer across the world.




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