Contact Hospitalist

24-Hour Notification of Emergency or After-Hours Admissions

CHOC Specialists Hospitalist physicians are available to access patients throughout the day to identify the optimal time for discharge. Referring primary care physicians receive a complete discharge order sheet within 24- hours, including all pertinent test results and surgical information.

To Schedule an Admission

Patients may be admitted at CHOC to the CHOC Specialists Hospitalist service 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week.

CHOC in Orange:
(714) 509-8400 – To admit a patient, ask for Admitting Dept. and let them know you want to admit your patient to a CHOC Specialists hospitalist
(714) 997-3000 – Ask for CHOC Specialists hospitalist on call to talk with the hospitalist directly
(714) 509-8826 – Administration Office

CHOC at Mission Hospital:
(949) 365-2401 – To admit a patient at CHOC Mission, ask for the hospitalist on call.

CHOC at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (pediatric floor):
(909) 865-9871 – To admit a patient at CHOC Pomona, ask for the hospitalist on call.


CHOC in Orange 
CHOC at Mission Hospital
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center